Case Study: Specialist Plastic Manufacturer

ACC Flooring was asked by a new client to assess various workspace areas and propose a resin flooring solution for each individual area. The areas included their New Production Facility, Quality Control Area, Fork Lift Truck Loading Bay and two walkways, one to their existing Production Area and one to their Reception Area.

Due the time restrictions and availability of individual areas, we had to work around the clients’ production requirements carrying out the works in two visits including weekend hours.

Vinyl tiles had been laid many years ago to 375m² which the client had designated as the New Production Facility. All the tiles had to be uplifted by using Kangos. Once uplifted they were disposed of in a skip & later sent for recycling. ACC Flooring is a licensed waste carrier and we were the first resin flooring contractor to recycle up to 100% of the waste we generate.

The exposed concrete substrate was then mechanically prepared by both vacuum controlled scabbling and diamond grinding ensuring that any residual latex from the vinyl tiles was removed.

After listening to the clients’ requirements, 2 coats of a high build epoxy coating were installed in Mid Grey in a gloss finish. This product is not only robust but also gives good chemical and abrasion resistance and has a nominal thickness of 350 – 500 microns.

To the small Quality Control area the concrete substrate was again prepared by vacuum controlled diamond grinding. 2 coats of a high build coating in a contrast Chelsea Blue shade were applied. In addition a border created in AltroLine, a high visibility epoxy line marking system in Safety Yellow was installed to enhance the aesthetics of the area.

The Fork Lift Truck Loading Bay required health & safety demarcation to alert employees of a potential hazard. The area was mechanically prepared by vacuum controlled diamond grinding and AltroLine was again applied in Safety Yellow creating hatchways.

The client asked if we could consult with them on the layout of the walkway to the existing Production Area. We marked out the area in conjunction with the client and once all was agreed the area was prepared by vacuum enclosed diamond grinding and 2 coats of high build epoxy coating is Green was installed. 3 zebra crossings were also marked out and AltroLine in Black and White was applied with one crossing for the fork lift truck route and two crossings to the offices. In addition six walking men were stencilled into the Green walkway to provide addition health and safety demarcation once the coating had cured.

The client asked for a decorative flooring system for the walkway to the Reception area. We recommended a flake system which after substrate preparation incorporates a coat of high build epoxy coating which then has acrylic coloured flakes fully blinded. Once this has cured, the excess flakes are swept off and 2 coats of a clear gloss seal coat are applied. The client chose a Black and White flake combination which complemented the existing paintwork to the walls and skirtings. This system always looks great as an accent to showcase any area whether it’s in an industrial or commercial location.

The project was completed to the clients’ timeframe and they were delighted with the results which has transformed the appearance of their business.


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high build epoxy flooring demarcation plastics manufacturer resin yellow demarcation chelsea blue

Project Details:

February 2018
Leeds, West Yorkshire
High Build Epoxy Coatings
Industrial Flooring
FeRFA Type 4

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