Case Study: Technology Development and Manufacturing

A new client who is a vertical integrated technology development and manufacturing company, manufacturing automated industry 4.0 hardware solutions enabling the industrialisation of 3D printing approached ACC Flooring to provide solutions to some flooring issues which the company was experiencing.

Firstly, the client wanted pedestrian walkways installing to give clear designated foot traffic routes around the factory for their employees. On an existing Grey floor colour the areas were marked out and mechanically prepared with hand held, vacuum controlled diamond grinders. A high build epoxy coating in Chelsea Blue was then installed to create the walkways with AltroLine solvent free lining marking system in Safety Yellow applied to either side and to hatch areas at doorways.

A high build epoxy coating is an ideal flooring solution for warehouse flooring, general industry, vehicle workshops and medium duty areas as it benefits from a fully sealed surface, low odour, good chemical resistance, good abrasion resistance, high gloss finish and ease of cleaning. With a life expectancy of 5-7 years offering cost effective flooring benefits.

AltroLine from Altro Resins is available in Safety Yellow, Safety Red, Black and White is a high visibility line marking system ideal for defining walkways, isolated areas, spaces and zebra crossings.

Secondly, to the external doorway the designated area was mechanically prepared and a coat of high build epoxy coating in Dark Grey with a non-slip aggregate back-rolled into the product was installed to reduce the risk of fork lift trucks skidding in adverse weather conditions.

Finally, to 4 external parking bays, the area was again mechanically prepared and a Polyaspartic Rapid Dry coating from Resincoat applied in Black to blank out the old parking bays. The new parking bays were subsequently marked out and Polyaspartic Rapid Dry in Safety Yellow applied to form the new parking bays.

No other coating cures in less than 1 hour, even at sub-zero temperatures. Resincoat Polyaspartic Rapid Dry is solvent free, UV stable and has been designed to replace MMA systems which are currently being phased out due to their associated high odour.

The client was delighted with the results which will provide additional health and safety benefits to their business.


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installing demarcation in the warehouse for foot traffic

Project Details:

November 2018
Sheffield, South Yorkshire
High Build Epoxy Coatings
Industrial Flooring
FeRFA Type 3

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