Case Study: Toiletries and Fragrance Manufacturer

One of the UK’s leading toiletries and fragrance manufacturers asked ACC Flooring Ltd to provide a solution to their Main Warehouse which required the re-instatement of demarcation to both lines and a MHE Charging Area along with additional concrete repairs to joints, cracks & substrate damage. Due to the nature of the clients business the window of work was extremely short to avoid unnecessary downtime.

The expansion joints to the truck routes had failed. The existing compound was saw cut and removed and ACC Maintain Joint Repair, a low odour polyurethane concrete was used to re-instate. This product is rubber modified and provides excellent durability and impact resistant properties and will withstand continuous wear from fork lift truck and wheeled vehicles.

Unlike epoxy mortar compounds, ACC Maintain Joint Repair will cure at temperatures below 5°C. The cure time will be extended at low temperatures but not to the same degree as epoxy materials.

“Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with the job your guys did on our warehouse floor. The repairs to the concrete were all chiselled out and filled properly and the new line markings look great. The 2 guys worked hard and finished in plenty of time. Thanks again, I will certainly be in touch in the future.”

Warehouse Manager

ACC Maintain Floor Repair was used to infill substrate damage including holes and cracks. This product is again a low odour polyurethane concrete which can be trowel applied to thickness of 5 – 10mm and is ideal for repairs to concrete and polymer modified cementitious screeds.

The Despatch and MHE Charging Area were both mechanically prepared by vacuum enclosed diamond grinders to remove any laitance and provide a clean, sound substrate to receive a resin floor finish. Due to the time restrictions a Polyaspartic product in both Safety Yellow and Black was chosen as this product will cure in less than one hour. It is solvent free, UV stable and has been designed to replace MMA systems which are currently being phased out due to their associated high odour. Once the demarcation had been installed and allowed to cure a coat of Polyaspartic Clear Seal was applied to seal the Safety Yellow and Black colour.


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demarcation and line marking for a warehouse in worcestershire

Project Details:

May 2019
Redditch, Worcestershire
Industrial Flooring
FeRFA Type 3

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