Case Study: Transmission Belt Manufacturer

ACC Flooring was asked by a long standing client if we could carry out some resin flooring work prior to a factory visit.

The PBC Area was looking tired and needed to be freshened up, whilst the Hot Melt Area had been coated in the past but had worn badly & required re-instating. Additional demarcation to both areas was also required. The client also asked that two small concrete repair were also carried out.

The substrate to the PBC Area was fairly rough in places and had been coated in the past. This coating required not only enclosed diamond grinding but also Vonarx preparation to the more difficult and stubborn areas.

Once prepared, 2 coats of a high build epoxy coating were installed to the main body of the area. Under the roll storage area the client has asked for Red demarcation to be added again with 2 coats of a high build epoxy coating. Altro Line, a high gloss epoxy demarcation lining system in Safety Yellow was the applied to the outline of the area.

The Hot Melt area had been coated in the past but had worn and the workspace needed bringing up to the standard of other areas within the factory. The preparation was carried out by enclosed diamond grinding and 2 coats of a high build epoxy coating installed around the machine area. The demarcation was then re-instated again by applying Altro Line in Safety Yellow.

A two-component high build coating provides a tough hard wearing floor finish. It’s easy to clean and is available in a gloss finish in a wide range of colours. In addition to resistance to general chemical spills, a slip-resistant aggregate added between the two coat application can provide a textured non-slip finish.

Altro Line is a durable twin-pack solvent-free epoxy high build floor coating for use as a high visibility line marking system and is ideal for defining walkways, isolated area and the ultimate choice for zebra crossing installation. Available in Safety Yellow, Safety Red, Black and White with a high gloss finish, the product benefits from low odour, good chemical resistance and ease of cleaning.

The two areas of repair, one by a barrier and the other on the heavily used fork lift truck route were carried out during the same visit. The damaged concrete substrate to both areas was saw cut and a floor patching kit was applied. This product is a low odour polyurethane concrete specifically designed to provide an easy use floor patching compound to floor repairs to either concrete or polymer modified cementitious screed. It can be applied to thicknesses of 5 – 10mm.

Unlike epoxy compounds this product will cure at temperatures below 5°C and benefits from good chemical resistance, high abrasion resistance and impact resistance and is cured to receive light pedestrian traffic in 6 hours.

Once the product was cured, 2 coats of a high build epoxy coating in Mid Grey were applied to complete the repairs.

All the work was completed in a 2 day programme without any disruption to production and the client was delighted with the outcome.


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Installing resin flooring at a transmission belt manufacturer

Project Details:

April 2018
Bingley, West Yorkshire
High Build Epoxy Coatings
Industrial Flooring
FeRFA Type 3

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