Workshop floor coverings are a smart alternative for a bright, well performing floor instead of installing a whole new floor. ACC Flooring understand that a new installation can be disruptive, time consuming and expensive which is why we also offer floor covering, which will not only look good but will enhance the quality of the flooring whether it is a new installation or an old one. Our floor covering comes in both epoxy and polyurethane in a vast range of colours, matt and gloss.

In workspaces, concrete flooring tends to appear very tired and unappealing, which is why we advise to opt for a floor covering to enhance its appearance, especially in workspaces where customers and visitors are likely to gain a first and lasting impression from the quality of the flooring installation. By choosing our workshop floor covering, we can guarantee to leave businesses with a flooring they can be proud of, all at a small expense with the added advantages of prolonged life cycle costs which when compared to other floor covering option can make a big difference.

Manufacturing and retail workshops will particularly benefit from our workshop floor covering, however we will always offer floor coverings as an option for anyone who wants an enhanced flooring look.

example of workshop floor covering in black and red

ACC Flooring will always aim to leave you with a solution that is not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing, which offer some resistance to chemical spillage and impact damage along with easy cleaning. We can offer warranties from 3 years to 15 years as part of our after sales service.

Why choose resin for a Workshop Floor Covering

An example of one of our recent installations was at a long-standing clients workshop in Sheffield, where they manufacture high quality tools for use in Rock Drilling, Quarrying, Mining and Tunnelling. Read the workshop floor covering case study here.

Our epoxy floor coatings also offer other helpful characteristics such as:

  • Resistance, especially against chemicals and impact
  • Strength and durability
  • An easy to clean surface

When working with concrete flooring, we have identified the large amount of dust that concrete produces. When applying an epoxy floor coating, we can stop the production of dust and leave the flooring clean and dust free permanently.

Use colourful demarcation to protect your work force

ACC Flooring will continuously advise you to add demarcation on your flooring to help enforce safety regulations in the workplace. Demarcation can include, but is not limited to:

  • Zebra crossings
  • Lines, stencilling and hatching
  • Fire exit directions
  • Pedestrian zones (walking men)
  • Out of bounds areas
  • Vehicle areas

Workshop Floor Covering Options

When applying the floor covering, we use products such as Altro Coat which specialises in coverings over cementitious substrates. Altro Coat is a FeFRA type 2 which has a guarantee of 2 years but a life expectancy of 5 years at only 180 microns in thickness. Not only does this offer variants such as standard, slip-resistant and vertical detail, it comes in many different colours which can also be used to create demarcation in workshops.

Another alternate option would be an Altro Tect FeFRA type 3 high build epoxy floor coating which has a guarantee of 3 years and a life expectancy of 7 years which also offers a slip-resistance characteristic and is ideal for warehousing and other storage areas.

Use a heavy duty PU screed for busy vehicle traffic

The ultimate product selection that we can offer is a FeFRA type 8 such as Altro Crete or Resdev Pumadur HF heavy duty polyurethane screed. It can be installed at either 6mm or 8/9mm thicknesses which is the ideal solution for extremely heavy-duty areas. This guarantee comes at 10 or 15 years and a life expectancy of 15-20 years depending upon thickness applied. This is extremely beneficial if your business cannot withstand any downtime.
Floor seals offer an alternative to floor coating as they are a clear product which enables you to see the profile of the concrete underneath. This is because these floor seals are made with specialised polymers and specific materials. These floor seals protect the flooring for dirt and debris. ACC Flooring tend to use floor seals in industrial areas because floor seals are exceptional at preventing the clogging of bacteria and germs in the pores of the flooring. When applying a floor seal, the pores are filled leaving no room for bacteria to harbour.

Warehouse Floor Coverings

Our floor covering ensures that your warehouse flooring lasts as long as possible. By protecting your installation with the epoxy floor coating, you can achieve a longer life expectancy which will benefit you in the future.

Warehouses tend to be filled with storage, people, machinery and vehicles which means that all warehouse flooring must be durable and impact resistant. Most warehouses are in operation for 24 hours which means that any downtime would be a major disadvantage to the business. Floor coverings allow a longer flooring life expectancy, so you won’t have to worry about disruption in the future.


All our floor covering, and floor seals are applied by professional members of the ACC Flooring team of expert installers who have over 100 years combined knowledge of installing epoxy and polyurethane flooring systems. They have vast experience when applying the flooring and are there to help fill your requirements and answer any questions you may wish to ask.

Our team will be there to help you get the best flooring outcome, even if that means advising you of different flooring aspects you may not be familiar with. They can also help you with cleaning and maintenance meaning that your floor will have the same appearance as the day it was installed.

Over our last 32 years of experience, we have always exceeded expectations when laying down floor covering and floor seals and continuously achieve positive feedback from all our customers.

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